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Miami-Dade County FL Police Considering Decriminalizing Marijuana

It looks like Florida counties are getting impatient with the Florida State Legislature’s laid-back attitude regarding implementing and awarding the five licenses to growers as stipulated in the law passed last year.


This article in the Miami Herald states that the Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Sally Heyman, is sponsoring the plan, which will allow a fine instead of arrest and jail time for possession of less than 20 grams (about 2/3 of an ounce).

If not vetoed by Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez, the new ordinance will replace the current punishment of a maximum of one year jail time.  The police department supports this effort.

NYC Police DON’T Kill a Black Guy

Now, this is the type of police work I like to hear about. Maybe we should send our police recruits to Sweden for training??

The Old Liberal

In one of the weirdest stories on the interweb this week we see the NYC police in action.

There is a fight on the uptown 6 subway and the conductor calls for help. Four cops, not in uniform , immediately respond. They subdue both of the apparently homeless black guys who are fighting. Since the cops are not carrying weapons they have to use their BARE hands. But they get the job done.

No choke holds. No tazers. No guns drawn and fired. Using only their wits and training they stop the fight and hold the men down until more help arrives.

While one of the combatants yells and screams the police CALMLY settle him down. The police keep their cool. Defusing the violent situation. One cop can be heard calming reassuring  a combatant as he holds the man in check and tries to calm him down. No punching. No…

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