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Orlando FL: Target of Terror and Hate


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Our flag has been ordered to be at half mast by our president; also, flags should be lowered at all embassies around the world.

It has happened in many sections of our country and in so many cities around the globe.  Now, it has happened on my personal “turf.”  Florida is my home state and became that from the moment I drove over the border from Georgia.

I take this personally.  Two and a half hours away, but close enough.


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And we have the “distinction” of having the worst shooting massacre in the U. S.  A pall is settling over us, but Orlandoans and the surrounding communities are pulling together.  1500 donors lined up to donate blood, heroic actions by the Orlando PD, SWAT teams, patrons of the night club who were not injured, helping as they could:  carrying friends, supporting those who could walk.


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At first, it was 20 estimated dead.  The final count was devastating:  50.  And more than 50 injured; some, critically.

scene following shooting

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Websites have been set up already, at 3:00 pm, to list the names of people who lost their lives, and those who are being attended at area hospitals.  Also, very soon after this tragedy, organizations and neighbors started collecting donations to help the families of those people who were shot.

Swift work by the courageous Orlando PD prevented more deaths, for sure.  The Orlando community has come together quickly and with great determination, to show our nation and the world, that life will continue as before in the face of the lone wolf’s determination to kill.  The terrorist died in a hail of bullets exchanged with the Orlando PD.

In conclusion:

This cretin was authorized and licensed to buy guns.  He worked for a security firm as a security officer for hire for 9 years!  He didn’t have to go through a full background check.  I hope we will have some scrutiny by government officials, to know why this was allowed, and to stop the exemption of security companies employees to full background checks when purchasing any type of gun.  He bought most of the guns he had on his person, within the last 2 weeks.

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Google Map App VS Mapquest


A neighbor, Terri, who belongs to our SOLOS Club in our community, of which I am also a member, asked me to join her on a search.  She had volunteered to go to a possible venue for a club event, and wanted my input as to the feasibility of making arrangements.  I agreed.  She picked me up in her car yesterday at 10:30am, and off we went.

She had printed out the travel directions from the mapquest site, and I was appointed to the navigator position with printout in hand.


The directions on the printout were easy to read; however, things didn’t go according to “Hoyle.”  We kept missing some streets, and when we finally got to NE 2nd Street, the building address numbers didn’t coincide with the address number on the printout.  Actually, the printout read, “2100-2300.”

I’ve printed out directions from mapquest in the past, and I never experienced those kinds of numbers.  Terri couldn’t understand why the numbers on the printout didn’t match the numbers on the buildings.  She remembered that the owner of the business mentioned a certain gas station at the corner, and we did see that.

We retraced our path more than once, and we wound up at the same destination.  She was getting upset, and I felt very frustrated.  Her driving became erratic, and I was fearful of having an accident.

I suggested that we call the person who was expecting us at 11:00am (it was now past 11:30am), and I asked Terri if she had her phone.  No.  She left it at home.  So, I pulled out mine and dialed the number.  Voicemail answered.  I left a message, and hoped “Michael” would call back soon, so we could ask him how to get there.  When Terri called him before, he gave her instructions, and she didn’t take notes, and so we were really befuddled.  I would have done things differently, but, we had to work with what we had:  nothing.

Then, suddenly, she pointed to something she wrote on the printout.  It was the actual address!  Evidently, she input the wrong building number on mapquest, and it printed out those crazy numbers.  I hadn’t noticed that before – I was concentrating only on the printed information, assuming it was correct.  Wrong!

Terri stopped someone who was walking his dog, and asked if he knew where “1107 SE 2nd Street” was.  He pulled out his phone, and looked it up on his app.  He gave us directions:  go to this street, make a right on that road, make a left turn at this other street, and you’ll be there.

Well, we tried to remember exactly what he said, but you know, we didn’t get it right.  I asked Terri to pull into a parking lot so I could look at my phone for the app we needed.


I found the google-map app, inserted the correct address, and hit “navigate,” and voila!  We got to where we needed to go.  Of course, not before Terri made a couple of turns before we were supposed to turn, and we had to backtrack to get back on track and continue the way we were told by that lovely voice on my phone.

So, we finally got there.  There was a note on his door:  “OUT TO LUNCH FROM 11:45 TO 2:00.”

Now, I have an admission to make:  I never used my phone app before.  This was the first time.  In the past, I used mapquest myself, and never had any problem with it.  However, it was so pleasurable to hear someone tell me when and where to turn, you can be sure I will always use my phone in future.  🙂


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Dr. Ron Davis Debunks NIH Claims Of Fairness


The latest post from starts off with the title and first paragraph:

“Dr. Davis Debunks NIH’s Claims of Fairness”

Posted by Tracy Smith, Sept. 3, 2015

Dr. Davis’ accomplishments and his ideas of how his team will work in studying severe ME patients.  The deception emanating from the National Institute[s] of Health (NIH) is that ME/CFS funding is a priority for them, yet NIH have rejected Dr. Davis’ application for funding for his study of severe ME patients..  Due to some very generous private funding, Dr. Davis’ Big Data study on Severe ME will be starting but, there is a desperately need for government funding to keep it going.

Quoted from “

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a complex disease involving profound dysregulation* of the central nervous system (CNS) and immune system, dysfunction of cellular energy metabolism and ion transport as well as cardiovascular abnormalities. The disease affects people of all ages, genders, races and economic levels.

Sunshinebright continues:

It is widely known in “ME circles,” that the NIH , has pointedly reduced, and kept very low over many years’ time, the funds allocated towards research for finding biomarkers, treatments and ultimately, a cure for this severe, debilitating disease.

The blatant deceptions coming out of the NIH; that “highly respected institution,” have them claiming that funding research for ME is a high priority.  NIH also claims that requests for applications and submission of applications have been forthcoming in very few numbers; and those which have been submitted, have been of poor quality.  NOT TRUE.

Due to the fact that these (false) claims are coming from such a prestigious, august government body, their claims – whatever they may be – are taken seriously – unfortunately, for ME patients, in this case.

The fact is that our ME community has seen a rise in the number of scientists and researchers from our American medical and scientific communities, and they are coming forward to begin the much-needed research for ME.  The backgrounds and experience of these scientists are of the highest caliber, and they have had their applications for NIH funding for their ME studies returned unapproved.

The NIH has approved a great deal of applications from many of the researchers who want to work on ME research for research grants ; however, the applications that were approved were NOT FOR RESEARCH RELATING TO ME.  When ME is listed as the disease on the submissions, the applications are not approved.

Quote from

NIH has approved countless applications for studies from these same scientists, as long as it was not ME/CFS related.  Could it be that the famous virus hunter, Dr. Ian Lipkin as well as Dr. Mady Hornig, suddenly lowered the quality of their application when it came to ME?  Did Dr. Ronald Davis, the award winning inventor with decades of NIH funded research, abruptly lose his brilliance to be graded “not that great” by the application reviewer?

*dysregulation:  “Impairment of a physiological regulatory mechanism (as that governing metabolism, immune response, or organ function).” ~Wikipedia dictionary.

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My Bucket List of Gratitude – By Lisa Gastaldo

When help is needed, good friends come through without being asked.

Kindness Blog

bucket listI’m creating my own kind of bucket list. Not the usual listing of things I wish to do before I leave this earth, but an accounting of the gracious drops of kindness that have filled my pail to the brim.

Whether the contribution was a single drip from an eyedropper or gallons upon gallons of generosity, all have buoyed my soul, washed away hours of pain, and carried me through turbulent trials.

And so I have decided to make a conscious effort to recognize these not-so-random acts. Some were as temporary as the morning dew, but equaling as cooling. Others have been like IVs, injecting nourishment continually. A few were summer storms: electrifying, powerful, and brief. Whether their perpetrators knew it or not, each and every one made a significant impact. They quenched my drought in spirit and left me flooded with gratitude.

Item Number 1: Clean House – Warm…

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I Was Of Good Cheer This Morning Upon Awakening, Until….

Charleston SC.  A giant pall settled over me as I viewed the horrible news on CNN.

A great sadness for the families and for all the victims and all whose hearts they touched.


Rest In Peace, Mr. Fix-It

rest in peace

Today, I was unfortunate to attend a funeral for a very dear man.  Marty was our neighbor and loved by everyone in our community.  A great loss, for sure.  He lived to serve.

Marty was happiest when helping others.  He was our talented handyman, and when anyone in our community needed assistance with a door or a window or a lock or anything around the house, Marty was your man.  I believe there isn’t a person living here who didn’t receive Marty’s help with something.

Personally speaking, Marty assisted me by re-routing an outside pipe leading from the hose connection to a hose reel; climbing a ladder in the garage to install a new heavy battery for the garage door opener; changed the batteries in the smoke detector alarms; and convinced me and many of my neighbors to get a carbon monoxide detector.  He was so happy to install them all.

We have a community newspaper here where I live, and Marty submitted a new article for every issue.  The subject was usually how to help ourselves to be safe in our homes and in the community.  We learned a great deal from his expertise.

Marty was also our amateur magician.  He loved to perform in our clubhouse; usually before some event, just to “get things started.”  He always made us laugh with his hi-jinx, costumes, props, and comical imitations.  It’s very possible he got some of his tricks from the following book:


Whether you needed a little encouragement if you were feeling down, or not, Marty always had a great short story or one-liner that was guaranteed to at least make you smile.

The chapel held seats for 160 people; however, when the services began, it was SRO.  Several people from our community stood up and spoke about how Marty’s caring affected them.  One person mentioned that people in show business and sports were highly regarded and when performing, people in the audience and in the sports stadiums stood and applauded.  Well, he suggested we should all stand and applaud Marty as a way of showing our admiration and love for him, as we say “goodbye” to him one final time.  It was as if this was rehearsed, because everyone stood up as one rippling wave, and we very gladly put our hands together and sent Marty on his way to a beautiful, peaceful place, riding on that wave.