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A Milestone!


I received a surprise notice from the WordPress watchers behind the scenes.


Boy, time flies when you’re having FUN!!!  😀

A Challenge Of Quotes – Third Day


Thanks, Dr. Horty Rex for this challenge.  Phew!  This was a difficult one.

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A Challenge Of Quotes – Second Day

Thanks to Dr. Horty Rex for this challenge.

Cherish the best

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A Challenge Of Quotes

Dr. Horty Rex challenged three bloggers to publish quotes in consecutive days.  I was perplexed at first; having not done anything like that before.

Well, here’s the first one, Horty.


Rules of the Three-Day Quote Challenge

Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Publish a quote on 3 consecutive days in your blog.

It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.

Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavor.

I nominate the following bloggers to continue this inspiring challenge:

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A Big Thank You To All

followed-blog-200-2xI was very surprised when I opened my computer today.  WordPress sent me a congratulatory notice.

I had no idea so many bloggers thought that my blog was worth following.


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Celebrating One Year Of Sunshinebright’s Blogging on WordPress

Happy Anniversary to me!!

What a nice surprise!  WordPress is full of surprises.


It’s been a great year.  I’ve learned so much; met some great writers – some fun people – and commiserated about problems with others.

All in all, a wonderful experience.  Thanks, guys!!  😀


An Inspirational Message for Wednesday

I was surfing my Reader, and found a blogger that caught my attention:  Petite Magique.  This blogger features other bloggers who have something special to share.  I choose to share this one image:

strong“You don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”

Another WordPress Feature Learned

Inserting Sub-Headings Into My Blog

I subscribe to the “Daily Post” blog here on WordPress.

One day last week, I perused a section about changing “the default font size (and color) in a post.”  It stated, “you can use HTML in the Text Editor to adjust size and color.  One way of changing the size of font is by using the Heading tags like <h2>, and is best used to insert headings and sub-headings in your posts and pages, using the Text Editor.  (See above.)  I archived this particular Daily Post blog for future reference.

The main thrust of this section in the Daily Post was how to emphasize some text, without using bold for a whole paragraph.  It suggested instead, to use blockquotes to emphasize a passage only.  It was the mention about headings in that section, which caught my eye.

I clicked on the link relating to the headings and sub-headings and printed it out.  I followed the instructions when blogging on my Pussycats3 blog today, and was very satisfied with how it looked.  When I was in the Text Editor, on that blog, it was very easy and there were no other apparent coding inserts.  However, in the Text Editor on this blog, there were coding inserts referring to the placement (left, center, or right) of the sub-heading I wished to insert (see above sub-header).  It was easy enough to see where to place the header codes.  I’m assuming that the WordPress themes I use is the reason for the differences when Text Editor coding is used.

So, I have a feeling of accomplishment.  Having never used coding, I found it easy enough, if I have the printed codes right in front of me.

I am looking forward to experimenting with a change of color (if my theme allows) code the next time I feel like exploring.


Changing Direction Can Be A Positive Thing

I have been blogging since January 2014, with just a few posts at the end of 2013, which is when I actually launched my Sunshinebright blog. My original intent was to post about things in my day and my surroundings that would, hopefully, put a smile on the faces of fellow bloggers who happened, by accident, to come across my posts. I received much encouragement from other bloggers when they read some of my early posts. I was trying to get the “hang of it” and was working to learn the ins and outs of WordPress. I’m still learning.

The "invisible illness"

The “invisible illness”

As you can see, if you’ve read the last few months of posts, I’ve expanded into Advocacy for M.E. My daughter has it. I believe that the more people who advocate for their choice of advocacy, the more chance that some good will come of it in the way of government recognition (first recognition and then, hopefully, research) and also globally increasing familiarity with a disease (M.E.), which is one of those nicknamed “invisible illness.”

M.E. is a chronic illness.

M.E. is a chronic illness.

There are, unfortunately, many diseases that cannot be seen outwardly, by the viewer – even close up. My daughter looks “normal” to anyone who sees her and who meets and talks with her. But, she is in pain all the time, and can point out where, in her extremities and other areas in her body, lymph toxins have accumulated. I was with her today, and could see and feel, while palpating, the areas where she has lymph swelling. I won’t go into other symptoms now.

M.E. means myalgic encephalomyelitis

M.E. means myalgic encephalomyelitis

So, even though, in my “About” page, I state the purpose of my blog, I have wandered away from my original purpose on many occasions. In so doing, my hope is that I bring about some understanding about M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis).


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Kindness is Contagious

I follow the Kindness Blog and kindness really can be inspirational and contagious.

I went out late this afternoon to do some shopping in (where else?) Publix.

My favorite market.

My favorite market.

My first stop was at the Deli counter.  Ordered my regular chicken and cheese, and then, since the rotisserie chickens had just come out, I thought, “It’s been a long time since I had one of those.”  So, on the spur of the moment, I decided to ask the person behind the counter to pick one out for me and cut it into 8 pieces.  I was told that it was too hot right now, and it needed to stand for a while so that it could be cut; otherwise, it would fall apart.  OK.  I said I would come back after doing my other shopping.

The best rotisserie chicken ever!

The best rotisserie chicken ever!

Went into the produce area and as I ventured over to the fresh mushrooms, I noticed the produce clerk taking great care in moving packages of carrots around on the shelves so that the shelves and carrots, and all the packaged veggies were calling out to shoppers to “take me.”  The young clerk seemed very intent on his task, and I told him that I thought he was doing such a good job; the shelves were looking great.  He beamed and thanked me.

Beautiful whole mushrooms.

Beautiful whole mushrooms.

There was a new “fish man” behind the (you guessed it!) fish counter.  He was very obliging and even came out around and helped me pick something out from the freezer where the packaged shrimp were stored and showed me that it was the best buy – better than what I had originally decided upon.  He packaged some fresh fish with specific instructions from me, and did a fine job.  I thanked him profusely – he really took great care!  And he had a big smile.

Perfect shrimp for salad or cocktail.

Perfect shrimp for salad or cocktail.

I was almost finished with my shopping list, when I ran into an employee who I thought would be able to answer my question about how I can find out the name of the Produce Manager.  She said, “I’m the Store Manager, so I could answer any questions you may have.”  I told her about that nice clerk in Produce, and what a great job he was doing, and I always like to give credit where credit is due.  I asked if there was a form that I could complete so that it would go into his personnel file.  She said it wasn’t necessary, and that she would make note of it.  I believed her – she was a lovely person and very sincere.  All the people working there are the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve ever encountered in a market.

I finished getting all the items on my list and went to check out.

Got home, put everything away, had a light supper and got a call from daughter.  General chatting away, and I happened to ask her, “What did you have for supper tonight?”  Her answer, “Chicken.”  Guess what?