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Dog and Dolphin Friendship

This morning, I found a delightful video of two unlikely friends:  a friendly pooch and a fascinating porpoise in the ocean.  The porpoise saves the dog’s life more than once.

It’s a lovely, sunny, blue-skyed day here in South Florida, and this video added, in my mind, some of those small, puffy clouds I love, topping off the morning for me.

Very well done.  You will enjoy it.

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You’ve Heard Of the Tortoise And The Hare?


Well, here we have the tortoise and the lizard!

I’m starting to go into the guest room more frequently in the mornings now, because when I look out the window, I get surprises.

The tortoise is fake, but the lizard is real.

The tortoise is fake, but the lizard is real.

Left-click the photo to enlarge it and you will appreciate how the tortoise’s head seems to be looking straight at that lizard.

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Are You Ready To Be Awakened?

Unwanted wake-uppers!! Great sound track, too. You can’t help smiling. 🙂

Pussy Cats 3

I found a cute video.  It shows cats and dogs, birds and cats, etc.  They are trying to wake each other up – sometimes successfully; many times, not.  If you’re ready for some smiles and chuckles, watch this, and by the way, have a nice day:

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A Special Petting Session

This is what they live for.

Pussy Cats 3

Rusty and Patches are both the same breed:  Exotics; otherwise, known as “short-haired Persians.”  This breed is known for their “calm and loving personalities.”  Also, they are very “human friendly.”

I really didn’t need to say anything.  This video speaks for itself.

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Celebrating Rusty’s 10th Birthday At The Vet

Happy Birthday, Rusty!

Pussy Cats 3

Rusty’s birthday was yesterday – yeah, I know – he chose a very auspicious day to be born.  But, I wanted to mark his 10th birthday with something special.

What better way than to take him to the vet and assure his Mom that he was healthy?  I knew it anyway, but, just wanted to do the “right” thing.

Dr. Love (that’s her real name) let me listen to his heart through her stethoscope.  It was loud and strong.  She was very pleased.  And so was his Mom!  Dr. Love also said he appears to be a younger cat than one 10 years old.  He has good genes.  I wonder where he gets that from?

We got some so-so news:  He has to have his teeth cleaned.  So, it’s going to happen next Tuesday, Sept. 15th, which happens to be my daughter’s birthday!  Boy, Rusty should feel good…

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Sleeping Buddies

A rare occurrence!

Pussy Cats 3

This doesn’t happen very often, for two reasons:

  1. Patches doesn’t get along too well with Rusty; and
  2. It’s rare when I see them so close.

It’s probably due to their favorite place to sleep on Mom’s bed is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE.

So, I guess they struck a deal for a “DMZ”!


sleeping 2

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Is Romeo The Right Name?

Romeo knows how royalty should be treated.

Pussy Cats 3

Maybe I should have named him “King” or “Prince.”

He certainly appears to be royalty.  I wonder if he likes grapes?


romeo 2

romeo 1

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Caught In The Act Of…..Grooming!

Grooming again? Don’t you have something else you could be doing?

Pussy Cats 3

Of course, we know how cats love to groom.  They spend many hours of the day slee… er, grooming.

Today, we have Rusty and Patches “doing their thing.”  And I caught them in the act!


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Aren’t Birds Supposed To Eat Fish?


Many times, we come across a scenario that defies nature.

I’ve posted this under the category of “Kindness” as well as others.  Birds can show kindness in the most unexpected way.  You will experience this when you view this video:


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Shake On Command

Patches loves to “shake.” They all do. There’s a reward!

Pussy Cats 3

All three of my cats know how to respond to the command, “Shake.”  I finally was able to get a photo of Patches obliging me.

Isn’t she sweet, or what?

shake 2


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