Dumber And Dumbest

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A rainy Sunday…..makes for a lazy day and lucky for me I do lazy really well……

When I first saw the movie Idiocracy I thought that it was very prophetic….and as the years go by it proves to be a work of prophecy.  Even the society at large sees that the population is getting dumber and dumber…..

It’s official: We’re not getting any smarter. Worse, media exposure might be to blame. Researchers analyzed 730,000 IQ scores of Norwegian men entering the country’s military draft who were born between 1962 and 1991, per ScienceAlert. They found that IQ scores rose almost 0.3 points per year among men born between 1962 and 1975, then declined for men born after 1975. Overall there was a 7-point dip per generation, reports Newsweek. And the Norway study is no outlier: Other studies by European and Scandinavian researchers have noted a similar trend, notes

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One response to “Dumber And Dumbest

  1. It makes sense because the skills needed to do well on an IQ test are not the same as the skills needed to sit on a couch, drink booze and watch TV !


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