I Am Getting To Feel Weary and Vulnerable, But I Know I Have To Keep Strong

I am weary and stressed and I falter in my strength to fight back. They are throwing so much at us and so quickly, that it is difficult to maintain the level of resistance as I had in the beginning of this devastation.

They are jack-hammering at the foundation of our very existence. We are feeling the vulnerability and helplessness that they, in their evil wisdom, knew would come.

Can we last – can our democracy last – until the midterms next year? Or will the damage be so great that it will be too difficult to repair?

Do we see a civil war in our future? tRump is allowing all police departments to buy surplus military weapons so that he can control any uprising. He will not hesitate to have them shoot down all unrest.

I fear we are in the throes of a dictatorship in our near future. How can we wake up those, who are in their blissful ignorance?

I have been following all the political garbage – Republican garbage – since before the election; hence, no time or strength to post on my blog since many, many months ago.

I’ve missed many of my followers’ postings; although I look in at your blog postings occasionally, listed on my email inbox.

I’m in the sunset of my life, and to think that our beautiful democracy is fading and falling into a dictatorship/oligarchy, is devastating.  I know there are many out there in the blogosphere, who disagree with me, but I also know there are many who do.


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3 responses to “I Am Getting To Feel Weary and Vulnerable, But I Know I Have To Keep Strong

  1. My dear friend … I know how you are feeling so well. You have perfectly described my feelings. Add to that the crisis in my country, Puerto Rico, aggravated by the current administration. I’m also in the sunset of my life and never imagined anything like this could happen.
    I haven’t had a moment’s peace since Nov 8. I’m tired, exhausted, depleted. I’m very glad I’m the age I am.
    Hugs & Peace! 🙏🏽

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    • Horty, I know I’m not alone, feeling as I do about the disaster that is happening. The tragedy in Puerto Rico is also on the minds of many. It must be such a helpless feeling, felt by those who are in the midst of it there. The actions, or inactions of the tRump administration is unforgiveable. But, he is getting away with it, isn’t he? Just like, so far, he’s getting away with all the crimes committed. All we can hope is that he gets what he deserves in the end. I’m with you in spirit and in hope. 🙂

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      • I agree!! I can’t believe that he won’t get what he deserves. That’s the only thing that would be fair … karma! I can’t believe that he’d get away with all. He’s evil … I can’t believe this would be the way the nation will go. It’s disgusting! Thx for your thoughts. 🙏🏽

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