On Gene Wilder, Family, Comedy, Melancholy and Prayer

I believe Gene Wilder touched his fans in a way that was special and individual to each one. A great character.

Schlemiel Theory

14195389_1791401984476951_8973232125453760027_oGene Wilder’s (Jerome Silberman) passing has given me so much to think about.  Ever since I was a little kid, I (like millions of other children) was fascinated with Gene Wilder’s rendition of Willie Wonka.  After seeing the film, I wanted to see every film he acted in.  I felt as if he was a member of my Jewish American family and that, like a teacher, he wanted to help me – through his acting – to let go and turn my actions into a vehicle for a comical kind of transcendence or for establishing a creative and yet humble relationship with people and the world.   I would literally try out some of his gestures (with my head, my eyes, or even my posture) with my own family members and then take note of whether or not I made them smile.  In the midst of this, I would check in…

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