Should Women Register for the Draft?


women register for draft

Senate panel re-ignites debate on draft for women

Congress is on the verge of ordering young women to register for a military draft for the first time in history, touching off outrage among social conservatives who fear the move is another step toward blurring gender lines.   

The female draft requirement, approved Thursday by the Senate Armed Services Committee, could be as heated as the divisive debate over what public lavatories and locker rooms transgender people should use.   

Opponents of expanding the draft may be unable to halt the momentum in favor of lifting the exclusion, triggered by the Pentagon’s decision last year to open all front-line combat jobs to women.   

After gender restrictions to military service were erased, the top uniformed officers in each of the military branches expressed support during congressional testimony for including women in a potential draft.   

The Senate Armed Services Committee added a provision to its version of the annual defense policy bill that calls for women to sign up with the Selective Service within 30 days of turning 18 — just as men must — beginning in January 2018, according to a summary of the legislation released by the committee.

This question is highly controversial.  I suppose I’m old-fashioned in my opinion that I believe women should not be required to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.  There is a growing trend among young women to enlist and serve in a capacity that heretofore was reserved for men only.  That’s a choice that was offered and has been accepted by so many women.

[Note:]  Women were nearly drafted during World War II because of a shortage of military nurses.

Military leaders maintain the all-volunteer force is working and do not want a return to conscription.

What is your opinion regarding drafting women into military service?  Please comment below.


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2 responses to “Should Women Register for the Draft?

  1. I am a longtime feminist who believes that women are just as capable as men. I see no reason why any citizen, man or woman, should not have the same basic requirements. After all, we expect all people to have the same rights. Some men and women may not be suitable for combat roles, but there are plenty of other jobs in the military ( probably 80-90%) that do not involve combat.Men and women are equally capable of filling those roles.
    I found it disturbing that my son was required to make himself available by registering with Selective Service while my daughter did not have to do so. Just basic fairness dictates that both genders be treated the same. Isn’t that what America is supposed to be about…equal opportunities and equal responsibilities?

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    • Yes, Joseph. Equal opportunity is a right for all citizens in my book. I’m glad you are a feminist – my first husband was, too. Military service is on another level, IMHO. I’m glad that so many women are taking advantage of the options available.

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