Rusty’s First Night Back Home

Rusty continues to make a remarkable adjustment after being absent for 3 months. Patches also is making an adjustment: she seems to be more relaxed than I expected her to be. Maybe it’s because Rusty isn’t crowding her.

Pussy Cats 3

Rusty found his favorite (one of them) spot.

Rusty 1st Night Home

This was the second spot he likes.  The first one was on the bench in front of the bedroom window.  He sat on the windowsill to look out at his favorite scene:  the lake.  It seems like he is making a lovely re-adjustment.

He looks decidedly better than when I first got him home.  After a while of getting comfortable, I was able to get him to the “grooming” table, and I got to work on him.  He is still such a good boy!

Rusty 1st Night Home-Patches

Patches, on the other hand, is not so sure this is a happy surprise; however, after some coaxing by me, she came onto her favorite spot on the loveseat.  It took her a while to get comfortable here, because she was on the lookout for Rusty (who was comfortable in the bathroom sink).

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