Assuring Quality and Standards in the Cannabis Laboratory

Question:  How can a medicinal marijuana patient or a recreational user have assurances that the cannabis product he/she is purchasing is safe and is actually the one prescribed or desired, no matter in which state the product is purchased?

Answer:  A cannabis chemistry committee was established last year and has now become a subdivision of the American Chemical Society (the largest chemical society in the world).  Of course, this will take work and time in order to establish central cannabis laboratory regulations,  creating precise standards which, hopefully, would eventually require adherence to by all laboratories.


According to an article in Culture Magazine, there are no standardized procedures at the present time and this has created a safety concern throughout the cannabis industry as well as for the users of the cannabis products.  Standard methods of production and screening for pesticides is a great concern.  The formation of this subdivision, under the jurisdiction of the Chemical Health and Safety division, is a progressive step in the direction of safety for the cannabis industry.


2 responses to “Assuring Quality and Standards in the Cannabis Laboratory

  1. Here in Canada medical marijuana is under review in relation to where a patient can smoke their medication. Provincial legislations approved “anywhere” as long as that said patient has a Dr. Prescription in good standing. This has angered the general public for second hand smoke. What a mess!!!


    • I could understand the confusion. Many laws that are written are not written to take in all circumstances that may occur. For instance, when the smoking cigarette/cigar ban was instituted in restaurants and bars here in the US, the only requirement was to have certain areas within the premises designated at “Smoking” or “non-smoking” areas. I had great difficulty with this. Wherever I tried to sit in the “non-smoking” area, there was a table right next to mine that was in the “Smoking” area. It was stupid.

      The whole smoking of marijuana topic could be handled as cigarettes/cigars are now: in outside designated areas.

      Thanks for your interesting comment, Quiche. 🙂


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