This Hunter May Have Killed The World’s BIGGEST Elephant For $60,000

A very sad day to find out about the killing of this great elephant.

Cecils Pride


Gonarezhou National Park. Photograph from

Sadness sweeps over the camp of animal lovers as news broke out that a German National has travelled to zimbabwe to kill the largest elephant ever killed in Africa. This news shows that the work of animal activists is far from over and as long as people are travelling to kill animals, we must continue to fight and speak up for the animals.

The Elephant rumoured to be around 40-60 years old with tusks so long that it touches the ground, has never been seen before in Zimbabwe’s southern Gonarezhou National Park. Some had suggested that the elephant came from Kruger National Park in South Africa and the elephant was the famed Nkombo elephant who had a satellite collar until 2014 when the collar was lost. Others argued against it as Nkombo was spotted in Kruger on October 3 and it would be unlikely the elephant would be able to travel so far in a…

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