Google Map App VS Mapquest


A neighbor, Terri, who belongs to our SOLOS Club in our community, of which I am also a member, asked me to join her on a search.  She had volunteered to go to a possible venue for a club event, and wanted my input as to the feasibility of making arrangements.  I agreed.  She picked me up in her car yesterday at 10:30am, and off we went.

She had printed out the travel directions from the mapquest site, and I was appointed to the navigator position with printout in hand.


The directions on the printout were easy to read; however, things didn’t go according to “Hoyle.”  We kept missing some streets, and when we finally got to NE 2nd Street, the building address numbers didn’t coincide with the address number on the printout.  Actually, the printout read, “2100-2300.”

I’ve printed out directions from mapquest in the past, and I never experienced those kinds of numbers.  Terri couldn’t understand why the numbers on the printout didn’t match the numbers on the buildings.  She remembered that the owner of the business mentioned a certain gas station at the corner, and we did see that.

We retraced our path more than once, and we wound up at the same destination.  She was getting upset, and I felt very frustrated.  Her driving became erratic, and I was fearful of having an accident.

I suggested that we call the person who was expecting us at 11:00am (it was now past 11:30am), and I asked Terri if she had her phone.  No.  She left it at home.  So, I pulled out mine and dialed the number.  Voicemail answered.  I left a message, and hoped “Michael” would call back soon, so we could ask him how to get there.  When Terri called him before, he gave her instructions, and she didn’t take notes, and so we were really befuddled.  I would have done things differently, but, we had to work with what we had:  nothing.

Then, suddenly, she pointed to something she wrote on the printout.  It was the actual address!  Evidently, she input the wrong building number on mapquest, and it printed out those crazy numbers.  I hadn’t noticed that before – I was concentrating only on the printed information, assuming it was correct.  Wrong!

Terri stopped someone who was walking his dog, and asked if he knew where “1107 SE 2nd Street” was.  He pulled out his phone, and looked it up on his app.  He gave us directions:  go to this street, make a right on that road, make a left turn at this other street, and you’ll be there.

Well, we tried to remember exactly what he said, but you know, we didn’t get it right.  I asked Terri to pull into a parking lot so I could look at my phone for the app we needed.


I found the google-map app, inserted the correct address, and hit “navigate,” and voila!  We got to where we needed to go.  Of course, not before Terri made a couple of turns before we were supposed to turn, and we had to backtrack to get back on track and continue the way we were told by that lovely voice on my phone.

So, we finally got there.  There was a note on his door:  “OUT TO LUNCH FROM 11:45 TO 2:00.”

Now, I have an admission to make:  I never used my phone app before.  This was the first time.  In the past, I used mapquest myself, and never had any problem with it.  However, it was so pleasurable to hear someone tell me when and where to turn, you can be sure I will always use my phone in future.  🙂


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2 responses to “Google Map App VS Mapquest

  1. That was quite the trip! Did you ever get to speal with Michael?


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