Wrong Number Equals Right Number


On Monday morning at 8:00, I was just starting to groom my cat, Romeo, when the phone rang.  It was an unusual time to get a phone call.  I picked him up and walked over to the phone (I have an old non-display phone hanging on the wall).  I didn’t know who was calling, but I picked it up, thinking it might be a member of my family.


It wasn’t.  It was a wrong number.  The woman asked if she reached “Fidelity Animal Hospital.”  I said, “No.  Wrong number.”  I hung up, and went back to grooming Romeo.

She called again.  I said, “Hello.”  And she hung up.  I couldn’t believe it when the phone rang again, but I didn’t answer.  I wanted to finish with Romeo and still had two more cats to groom.

Now, I have to insert some information at this point.  The fact is, that occasionally, I do get calls from people who want the vet’s office.  His number is very close to my phone number:  the last digit of his number is just one number higher than the last digit of mine.

I completed the grooming and let them out of the room.  I was still thinking about that wrong number.  After all, if she was calling so early, and called the wrong number so many times, she must be upset about her pet.

So, I decided to call the woman back.  I got her voicemail and left a message, asking if she got to the vet’s office OK, and hoping that all went well.

A little while later, while I was having breakfast, she called back!  She thanked me for calling – it was so unexpected – and she appreciated my thoughtfulness.  It turned out that it was no emergency and her dog was OK, but she worries about him very much.

We started talking and found that we had many things in common:  among them were that our communities are close, she is also a widow, we both were brought up in Brooklyn, had similar backgrounds, and she loves her pet Maltese whom she got as a rescue six years ago.  She was a very friendly woman, (her name is Marcia) and we hit it off so well, that we made a lunch date!

This morning, Marcia called to confirm our date.  It was a good move on her part; one never knows – I could be a person who says one thing and does another!  Not so!!

We had a lovely time at lunch.  We met at our very local deli-type restaurant, and she had arrived first.  How was I able to recognize her?  I asked her what she would be wearing, of course!

We talked nonstop.  It was amazing how much we had in common.  Marcia was very animated, and so am I, and we hugged, parted with smiles a mile wide :D,  and agreed we must get together again.

Moral of the story:  always answer the phone when it rings – you never know when a new friend might be lurking in your future!!

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