The Lizard

Romeo really missed the boat (lizard) on this one!

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo made himself comfortable on the windowsill behind my display screen.  It’s one of his favorite places, especially when no one else is there!

All of a sudden, I noticed a lizard (very popular in South Florida), moving around on the window screen.  Grabbed my handy-dandy camera, and took a few.  I was wondering if Romeo would notice the lizard.  It was running all over, having a ball.

Romeo finally woke up and took notice.  But before he could follow it and have some fun, it ran out of sight.  Something like that squirrel Romeo missed a few weeks ago, when he was on the patio.

lizard 1

lizard 2

lizard 4

lizard 5

lizard 6

lizard 3

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3 responses to “The Lizard

  1. I had a pet praying mantis that I caught one summer when I was a kid and I let it ride on my shoulders whenever I would go for walks. He would fly off somewhere but would always come back to sit on my shoulder. One day he went away and never came back. It was about that time I found my pet bat hanging on the side of the house. I had him until he passed away.


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