America: Time For A Change?

I like the name, “Mother of Exiles.” Never read the entire plaque. Thanks. As far as Trump – I think his words stand alone – so much for that. I am pleased to reblog this informative and important post.

In Saner Thought

With the approach of the 2016 US election….one might assume that this post is about the possibility of a political change in government…..that is just silly if that is what one is thinking…….. you are mistaken.

As I watched a town hall meeting that Trump had in New Hampshire I got to thinking about what was happening in this country….he decided to have a Q & A session with his supporters to explain some of his ideas….a good idea if that was what had happened……

Donald Trump, apparently forgetting about the time he pressured the president of the United States into producing his birth certificate, failed to correct a man at a town hall event last night who claimed President Obama is a Muslim—and not an American. The questioner at the Rochester, NH, event described Muslims as a “problem” and went on to say, “Our current president is one…

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