Rest In Peace, Alison and Adam

rest in peace

My heart is sad, as so many others are.  The news coverage has been extraordinary for two extraordinary young people.

Just want to state my sadness over this terrible tragedy.  Their loves, their families, friends and co-workers are in my thoughts.

When are our “representatives” going to wake up and NOT think about their greed and dependency on the NRA lobbyists?

It is past time to pass intelligent gun laws that will make it nigh onto impossible for sick, deranged maniacs to buy guns.


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6 responses to “Rest In Peace, Alison and Adam

  1. Our representatives our bought and paid for, they will never wake up.


  2. Our representatives will not wake up until one of these kinds of tragedies strikes home for them and after that there will be no end to gun control laws being passed.

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    • I was perusing comments on my dashboard, and, as I saw your comment on my post about Alison and Adam, I thought about Rep. Gifford who was shot and almost died. There was a great deal about guns at that time and it died down. I guess that wasn’t close enough for our reps to do something about stronger gun control.

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      • As you might recall Rep. Gifford was a Democrat operating in the midst of right wing political hysteria. I think the right wing could have cared less at the time. In fact there was some big stink because one of the right wing candidates had made some crack about getting Democrats “In the cross hairs” just before the shooting of Rep. Gifford. — My contention is that if a lot of those gun-totin gun-nuts in Congress — the ones bought by the gun lobby — get too close to this action and start to feel the pressure and some sweat things will change dramatically and quite suddenly.

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