Cactus Flowers – Before and After

This morning, I happened to go into the front guest room and looked out the window (I’m nosy at times) to see if there’s any action outside.  Going out to spend some time in the off-chance of meeting one of my neighbors is not likely at this time of year in South Florida.  We venture out just to go to the store or to meet friends or family for lunch or dinner out.

I thought my eyes caught something unusual in the landscape bed.  Looking again, yes!  Flowers were popped out of the big old cactus.  It’s more than 10 years since that had happened!!  I must take photos of that.

Grabbing my handy little camera, out I went.  The heat and humidity that greeted me was like running into a wall.  No wonder I’ve almost become a hermit lately!

The following 4 photos show the “after” photos, which I took today.


cactus 4cactus 1cactus 3cactus 2

The next 4 were taken 10 years ago.

Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-3Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005

I wonder if this is the type of cactus that blooms every 10 years.  They are truly mysterious plants!


11 responses to “Cactus Flowers – Before and After

  1. Wow, how amazing, Carol!!! Cher xo

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  2. Mysterious to be sure and beautiful too. I enjoyed this post. It is refreshing!

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  3. So bEautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Barbara

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  4. Cool photos, thanks for sharing. Cactus are amazing plants ! It’s like having a cat instead of a dog. You can pay no attention to them and they survive just fine! I’ll have to Google what Cactus has a 10 year flowering cycle. Enjoy the rest of your day. Namaste


  5. I love cactus blooms, there is something wonderful about them.

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