9 Breathtaking Photos Show the Empire State Building All Lit Up for a Fantastic Cause

A marvelous Empire State Building tribute to our precious animal species.

The Fifth Column


The late Cecil the lion and other endangered species lit up the sides of the Empire State Building on Saturday, drawing attention to the plight of threatened creatures amid outrage over the recent illegal slaying of Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Time reports that the show, titled Projecting Change, is “part of a promotion for the upcoming documentary Racing Extinction.” The creators of the documentary describe themselves on Facebook as “a team of artists and activists expose the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen images that will change the way we see the world.”

The team posted images to Facebook highlighting projections of various endangered animals on the landmark, including Cecil himself:




The Associated Press also captured some lovely images of the projections, which included tigers and whales:

Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP

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2 responses to “9 Breathtaking Photos Show the Empire State Building All Lit Up for a Fantastic Cause

  1. The “Cecil” thing is touching but I am reminded that Big Game hunting has been the playground of the filthy rich for many generations now … including Theodore Roosevelt, an American President. I always thought killing “Trophy” animals was a waste but it has been around a long long time and it is a giant International industry that probably supports great numbers of jobs …. I am conflicted about it myself and I can’t help but wonder why it comes to such massive attention right now at this time …. a diversion from something else? …. Cecil got far more coverage than the alleged sale of fetal material. Is that some kind of glitch in the way Media works in this country or is it something that big money interests have orchestrated for one agenda or the other?


    • I am so glad you commented on this post, John. I advocate for animals when I can and when I see there is some failure on the part of man and governments in protecting animals. I am well aware that big game hunting has been around for centuries, and I include the notorious “fox hunts” that were so popular for years and still is to some extent.

      No, I don’t think this media flash of late is a diversion of anything. It’s just the “normal” media pouncing on a subject that is dear to the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

      Of course, it’s a waste – always has been – and now that our wild animals are suffering from a dwindling of numbers, these “trophy” hunts are all the more distressing to those who care and who are trying to salvage what’s left from these hunters and poachers.

      I’m aware that the “hunting” industry supports jobs – what industry doesn’t? But, when the animals are gone, what will they do then? Let these people find other jobs now, instead of when they are out of their current jobs.

      Just because something has been done before, is not a good reason that it should continue.

      As for “the alleged sale of fetal material” goes, I believe Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell embryonic or fetal material. There are labs that do research – for the benefit of those living and for those not yet conceived – in order to try to find ways for better lives. PP has to pay for the transportation of that material. Federal funds may be used for that purpose. PP is a nonprofit organization and they do receive donations which help to defray their legitimate costs.

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