I walked out of my house one evening and noticed the beautiful perfectly round moon, framed by the palms.  Had to get my old camera to preserve that sight.

Hope you like it:



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3 responses to “Moonshine

  1. A beautiful, soulful and haunting picture of the moon. Thank you for sharing it.
    The Moon has been kind of like a friend to me ever since I was a small child.
    I used to lie on the soft warm grass in our small front yard — out in the country — next door to a farmer’s field — where there were no city lights to compete with the celestial wonders — and I would contemplate the Moon for hours at a time …. looking at the “Man in the Moon and wondering how my life would be years from the time I was laying there dreamily thinking.

    As the years progressed, the Moon was always there to comfort me — like an old friend — consoling me in my sorrows and sharing my victories.

    I cannot explain the way the silvery Moon against the velvet backdrop of a starless night can stir my inner self … elevate my soul …. almost as if that is the reason God set it there for us all to share and to wonder about.

    Your photo evokes those long ago memories and I am so warmed by looking at your picture here I can barely describe what I am feeling … but it is joyful, warm and wonderful and thank you for posting it.


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