14 Wonderful, Unique and Funny Ways Kids Have Explained Disability

My granddaughter has Asperger’s on the Autism Spectrum. This post is a celebration of her and all the other kids who have what are known as “disabilities.” But, these kids DO NOT believe they are disabled. You will laugh at their senses of humor! 🙂





At The Mighty, we know that sometimes kids can offer us a brand new perspective on the world. So, we decided to ask our readers who are parents to share some of the wonderful, unique and funny things their kids have said about their disability.

These were your answers:

1. “‘I’m not Autistic, I’m Cara.’ My now 9-year-old daughter said that when someone called her autistic instead of saying she had autism. Well played, baby girl. Well, played.” – Kim Vivanco

2. “My cousin says she has ‘Up syndrome’ because she’s happy, not sad.” – Cassie Collins

3. “My oldest son is in fourth grade…

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3 responses to “14 Wonderful, Unique and Funny Ways Kids Have Explained Disability

  1. I love the way children are gifted with the ability to see nothing but the good and wonderful in everything and everybody. I have never met a child who holds either prejudice, negative judgment of others or unforgiveness in their hearts because … their hearts are pure.

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    • John, I’m glad you saw this post. It’s marvelous, isn’t it? I reblogged it from my daughter’s blog. Another reason I’m glad to hear from you – I haven’t seen your posts lately and was wondering if something was wrong! 🙂

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  2. Nothing is wrong. I have moved to Blogspot where my address is http://www.jliming.com and where I will probably stay for quite awhile. Thanks for asking and thank you for your wonderful blog and all your encouraging words of kindness. 🙂


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