Many sensible arguments are opined in this article.

The Fifth Column

Bernie Sanders keeps single-payer dream alive: What the GOP Obamacare naysayers will never understand about health care Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush (Credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster/David Becker/Ricardo Arduengo)


While Bush, Rubio and Paul speak in platitudes, Sanders — and the public — has a radical, popular, workable idea

After the King v. Burwell decision, GOP candidates postured all over the place, but were left without any coherent ideas to offer.

So, not surprisingly, the Republican field essentially responded to the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare by invoking the free market and related shibboleths, speaking mostly in broad terms, and getting tripped up by the truth when they tried to get specific.  We’ll turn to them in a moment. But first, we should note what Bernie Sanders had to say, as he also spoke broadly, but without the deception or obfuscation. The broad statements he made could be backed up with specific facts. He also skillfully praised what Democrats had accomplished without forgetting for a moment that more…

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