American White Ibises Outside My Bedroom Window


On occasion, as I have written in some previous posts, I will see birds that you will never see in the northern states.

This time, it was a small flock of the American White Ibis.  Whenever I do see any birds of interest, I run to grab my camera, hoping they will still be there when I get back to the window.  Lucky, this time.


The Ibis on the right is a juvenile.  You can tell because its neck and head are still brown.  When it reaches adulthood, it will be completely white.

These birds use their long, curved beaks as tools.  They are constantly foraging in the soil and along the edge of the lake, hoping to find some tasty bugs, grubs, etc.  There have been times when the flock has been larger, and I’ve caught them communicating with each other.  The sound they make is like a grunt.

I get very excited about the beautiful bird-life I view so close behind my house.  I feel very blessed to be able to have these experiences.




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