Ready For The Night

Pussy Cats 3

Pussycats3 cats do not spend the night with their Mom.  They spend it in the master bathroom.

You might ask, “Why?”

There are several reasons:

  • Mom likes to get a good (if possible) night’s sleep, undisturbed;
  • Mom doesn’t want to get up in the middle of the night and step into a mess on the floor;
  • Mom doesn’t want to hear someone throwing up on the bed;
  • Mom doesn’t want to hear heavy feet running through the house;
  • Mom doesn’t want to hear something crashing on the floor during the night;
  • Mom doesn’t want someone pulling off the covers;
  • Mom doesn’t want the box spring scratched up by someone’s claws;
  • Mom has a “captured audience” for morning grooming; and
  • Because of some other reasons I can’t think of right now.  That’s enough, right?

So, I captured each of them in their favorite pose just before I closed the door:

Patches already had some food, so she likes to ponder her image in the mirror. Typical female!Patches…

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