A Rare Treat

Many times, when I look out my bedroom window, I will see the wonderful birds that visit the lake.  Yesterday, the Great Blue Heron made his rare appearance – much to my delight.

The Great Blue Heron stands about 4 feet high, the Tricolor stands about 2 feet.  Another major difference is the coloring.

In the past, I confused the two herons in my mind.  I have it clear now.  They are confusing because The Great Blue is not gray-blue mostly.  It has a white head with a black feather sticking out the back and white neck.  The Tricolor is mostly blue and has a zipper-like white stripe down the front of the neck.  Whoever named these two had the intention of confusing us, I’m sure.

I was lucky to be able to grab my camera and click a few, just before he flew away.


I love when the heron makes the “S” with his long, very thin, neck.

tri 2

Just strolling along; always on the lookout for food.

tri 3

It looks like he’s eying something interesting.



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