An Unlikely Couple

Patches and Romeo surprised me.

Pussy Cats 3

I happened to walk into my office the other day, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Patches has been surprising me lately with her actions – kind of out of character, you might say.

The photo below is the latest surprise.  She joined Romeo on the couch on top of the towels and got real close.  They are becoming friends!  It took only 9 years!!


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3 responses to “An Unlikely Couple

  1. It is wonderful that after Nine years the kitties discovered the joys of a mutual friendship and I can think of nothing more comfortable and enjoyable than sleeping atop some kind of fresh laundered linen. When I was very young, I delighted in napping on some of my Mom’s freshly-laundered sheets — the kind that were hung out in the sunshine to dry and smelled of both soap and nature. (Soap because there were no detergents back in those days.) — The cats napping together are soul-stirringly delightful and cute as two buttons.

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    • Hi John! Yes, I’m so glad I was able to catch this photo. It’s a rare one, for sure. And what you say about fresh linens is so true. I remember how my linens used to smell when I lived in Brooklyn and hung out my laundry in the back, outside. What a fresh smell!! 🙂

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