Chef’s Food Truck Is Her Prayer

Chef Joan Cheever has been feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX, once a week since 2005.

She has been ticketed for her illegal activities, which carries a $2,000 fine, and plans to fight this at her court appearance in June.

Chef Cheever is cited for feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX.

Chef Cheever is cited for feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX.

How is she going to fight it?  What is her argument?

Religious freedom.  This is her way of praying – to help the needy.  Yes, this is the first time I’ve read about using this argument for a citizen’s activities for a good purpose.

The officer who gave her the citation told her, “If you want to pray, go to church.”

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    Why is helping the needy becoming a crime in this country?? American values, religious freedom? SMH …

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  3. There used to be a church known to shelter and feed the homeless in West Palm Beach, FL. After many battles with the city government over items like loitering, they finally had to shut down due to high legal costs. So now where can the people (yes, the homeless ARE people) who needed this help go? Have you noticed the rise in pan-handling lately? Coincidence? Hmm….


    • I forget what city (out west or mid-west someplace) that built a tract of small homes on city land that wasn’t used. For the homeless people. Gave them clean, dry roofs over their heads and also gave them a feeling of being respected as human beings. And, it cost much less for the city to do that than it would have cost to use the police and city funds to keep chasing them and transport them elsewhere.

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