St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC

st pat

Did you know that The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is our country’s oldest and proudest Irish tradition, marching for the first time more than 250 years ago, on March 17, 1762 – fourteen years before the Declaration of Independence?  I had no idea before I did some research, that this tradition was begun so long ago.  It’s also a registered non-profit, and is run by volunteers only.

st pat 2

St. Patrick’s Day festivities are celebrated in many other U.S. cities:  Savannah, GA; Seattle WA; San Diego CA; Los Angelos CA; and Chicago IL, for starters.

st pat 3

The wearin’ of the green is popular with those who not necessarily have the Irish in their background, but who get into the “green” spirit by being “Irish in heart,” just the same.  I personally, have a green boutonniere that I don on my blouse for the day just to get into the spirit.  Maybe it’s because I come from New York (Brooklyn, to be exact), and it was always a major holiday that was celebrated in many ways.  One way was having corned beef and cabbage for dinner!

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