One Man’s War On Women, Among Other Things


Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed his state’s new budget.

A good-looking man; however, "don't judge a book by its cover."

A good-looking man; however, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Walker’s agenda takes direct aim at how the citizens of Wisconsin can participate in key programs and levels of participation, whether it’s property rights with environmental controls, parental participation with school boards, making passing referendums nearly impossible, making it harder to vote, defunding seniors’ support programs, rejecting infrastructure improvement programs, making taxpayers pay millions for not expanding Medicaid expansion as well as attacking women’s legal reproductive health rights.” (Bold is added.)

~Scott Walker Watch

“Tucked away in Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget, is a clause that has nothing to do with campus funding. Yes, the proposed budget cuts 30 million dollars from the public university system. But beyond the Governor’s war on education, he is also intensifying the war on women, by proposing the elimination of rape reporting requirements on campus.”  (Bold is added.)


A clause in his proposed budget deletes language relating to sexual assault information and reporting so that no report is required:  to the State Legislature; to newly entering students; to the Department of Justice regarding statistics of assault and rape at the university; and “would also end the requirement that university employees who witness a sexual assault on campus, must report it to the Dean of Students.”  Just “sweep it under the rug,” guys.

This man’s actions have the approval of the Tea Party ultra conservatives of the Republican party and the Koch Brothers.  He is single-handedly bringing the state of Wisconsin to its knees.  I wonder if the state’s average, tax-paying citizens are aware of this man’s gross negligence, discriminatory actions and incompetence, IMHO.  His website, which asks for contributions to his campaign, states in the header:  “Scott Walker – Moving Wisconsin Forward.”

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2 responses to “One Man’s War On Women, Among Other Things

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    End the war on women. Hugs, Barbara


  2. Sadly, he isn’t the only governor dismantling social infrastructure.

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