22 Pets Who Have No Intention Of Letting You Read Your Book

Our pets don’t like it when we turn our attention to the written word and away from them.


1. “Uggggh books are so boringggg!”

(Reddit: hjc26655)

2. “Can we just go outside and play instead?”


3. “There’s no way a simple BOOK could be more interesting than ME.”

(Reddit: emmaleth)

4. “… I hate to break it to you, Human, but this is written in total gibberish.”

(Reddit: playswithsquirrels08)

5. “What is this ‘reading’ you speak of?”

(Reddit: rook730)

6. “Spoiler alert: the main character dies. Now rub my tummy.”


7. “You suuuuure you don’t want to play fetch instead?”

(Reddit: Spiderjohns)

8. “Uh-oh. Looks like you confused ‘reading time’ with ‘petting time.'”

(Reddit: jaysendee)

9. “I’ve got a great idea: how about you broaden your literary horizons by reading the kibble bag while you feed me?”



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