Florida Legislature’s House Introduced Their Bill for Medical Marijuana

The Florida Legislature is continuing to tackle the “medical marijuana” enigma.  This week, the House introduced its bill to address the concerns raised by the Florida Sheriffs Association.  (A Senate bill was introduced last month [January]).

The new bill has raised concerns among medical marijuana advocates because it excludes many patients who could benefit from using medical marijuana.  The list of “accepted” diseases is too short and leaves out many diseases.

The item on the bill that surprised and gave me concern states that if a doctor would be able to estimate if an illness not on the list would kill the patient within a year, then that disease (illness) would be approved and the patient would be allowed to use medical marijuana.  It is not mentioned that if that patient lives for longer than the estimated year, would the patient be allowed to continue using medical marijuana past the year?!!

November’s mid-term election was a great disappointment for the 57-58% of the voters who voted “yes” for the Amendment 2 on the ballot.  Signatures are again being gathered to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2016.  It is obvious that the strong pressure of supporters of medical marijuana is pushing the Florida Legislature to come up with its own version of a law to allow its very ill citizens to hopefully reap the benefits of medical marijuana for their symptoms.

Please see my other posts concerning the Florida trials and tribulations of medical marijuana here and here and here.


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