It Wasn’t the Smoke Alarm After All!!

Last night, I went to bed, anticipating a good night’s sleep, as usual.  It started out quite well.  Until…..


What the ……!

The clock glowed “4:30.”  I jumped out of bed – not easy when you’re my age!

My first thought was my security alarm.  “Something is wrong with it,” I thought.  And I ran to the keypad and checked the display.  Everything seemed to be OK.

I looked around the house; checked all the digital appliances and the computer APC battery backup.  Everything seemed to be alright.  Back to bed after that rude awakening.

I had a little difficulty falling back asleep, but I finally managed.


Oh no!  Not again!

Got out of bed again, this time more slowly.  (Good thing I had my chiropractor appointment coming up in the afternoon).

Checked everything again.  Nothing seemed to be amiss.  Back to bed, with hopes of getting back to sleep.

Didn’t happen.

A couple more times the screech resounded.  Finally, I guess I dozed off, because the next thing I knew, it was 7:30.

I impatiently waited until 8:00 and then I called Dale, my handyman.  Advised him of the problem, and asked if he would stop off at a store and get a couple more 9V batteries.  I figured if one is going to be changed; let them all be changed:  I had only one in the house.


Dale was very good about getting here quickly, especially because I explained I was having trouble with that loud screeching every so often, and my cats were very much on edge.


All went well, and he left.

Not an hour passed, and guess what?  Right!


Could you believe?

Dale was summoned again.  This time, I asked him to pick up a new smoke detector from Home Depot and change out the old one; after all, it’s been more than 10 years old, and maybe that was the problem; not the battery.

He was so good about being called again – after all, he took time away from another job to help me out.  My call was an EMERGENCY!

After installing the new smoke detector, Dale tested it, and the red light kept flashing.  What is the matter now?  He decided to take a look at the installation instructions.  He found out how to fix this problem.  He had to hold down (or up?) the button for a good 5 seconds; which he didn’t initially.  That worked!  No more screeching.

Finally, I believed my life was given back to me on a smoke alarm platter.  I felt so peaceful, and figured Patches, Rusty and Romeo were also very relieved not to hear that awful noise.

So, I went about my business in the house, and began to think about getting lunch ready.  I started to take things out of the fridge, and…….


Aha!!  Let me digress.  During the summer, our local Mr. Fix-it did me a favor and installed a carbon monoxide detector above the door leading into the garage.  He told me in about 7 years or so, the batteries will need to be changed.  Good.  I then promptly forgot about it.

That was a very fast 7 years.



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