A Tsunami of Disease?

We have a crisis in medical research.  Llewellyn King speaks of the great importance for our government to fund vital research to find an unquestionable biomarker, a treatment and a cure for ME.  Millions of people have had their lives taken away by this disastrous disease; where once, they were active members of society, pursuing their careers and fulfilling their life’s dreams, and then to be struck down by ME.

Let’s stop the indifference of our government.  We need to continue to send letters, and post notices on social media to keep ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) in the forefront.

Mr. King, in the video, eloquently puts forth his plea to have more government funding for the research that has already begun.  It must not stop.  It is imperative that it continue.

3 responses to “A Tsunami of Disease?

  1. Interesting and informative!

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  2. Thanks for being such a champion for research out there. More of you are needed 🙂
    Wishing you and yours a grand 2015!

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    • Mimi, I very much appreciate your kind words. There are more of “me” out there, thank heavens! And, we are starting to see some results with the awakening (finally) of sectors of our government to the reality of the disastrous effects this chronic illness has on many millions of lives.

      I wish you and your family, particularly that precious son of yours, a joyous Christmas, and a healthy and happy New Year!!


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