Ricky Jackson, Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder, To Be Freed After 39 Years In Prison

Finally, an injustice is rectified…. after 39 years!

Let Our Voices Echo

Ricky Jackson

A man who spent nearly four decades in prison after being convicted of murder is expected to be freed Friday after a witness confessed he lied as a boy when he told jurors he saw the deadly attack.

Ricky Jackson had been seeking a new trial and sobbed loudly with his face in his hands as prosecutors dismissed his case Tuesday. “I can’t believe this is over,” Jackson, 57, said, thanking his supporters and his attorneys from the Ohio Innocence Project.

Jackson has been imprisoned for 39 years, serving a life sentence for aggravated murder and other charges, according to state prison records. He is expected to be released as soon as the paperwork is finished.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said the case fell apart after witness Eddie Vernon recanted. Vernon said he had been fed details of the crime by police and kept quiet about his lies because…

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4 responses to “Ricky Jackson, Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder, To Be Freed After 39 Years In Prison

  1. There has got to be more to this story and I hope an investigation follows…

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  2. Can you imagine a nation that imprisons for life on the word of a child? Never mind, no need to imagine we live in a nation that does this.

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  3. There must be many more poor souls who have had this terrible error done to them. The Innocent Organization does some very good work on specially-selected cases. These are excellent lessons for the young people who are up and coming in the legal community as well as for the incarcerated.


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