Ryan Prior, Medical Student at Stanford University

It is becoming more and more evident that there are so many more individuals than ever thought, who have the debilitating chronic illness, ME.  Since last year, the number of assumed cases of ME has gone from 1 million to up to 4 million in the U.S., and from 17 million up to 20 million worldwide!

Here is a young medical student, at Stanford University, named Ryan Prior, relating in a short dialogue, his own experience with ME.

Although he is supposed to be “recovered,” Ryan mentions the daily medications he is still taking and gives himself weekly injections and there is also a monthly IV that he gets.

So, his “recovery” really means that, as of now, he is better able to lead a more “normal” life, but with medical support.


6 responses to “Ryan Prior, Medical Student at Stanford University

  1. I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I was diagnosed in 1995. I still carry positive titers from Epstein Barr and Mono. The CDC site is talking about a virus. I was wondering what you knew. I am in the house most of the time. Hugs, Barbara

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  2. Ryan is not “recovered”, as no one ever recovers from M.E. He is in remission which, with the continued use of various drugs, can last an unspecified amount of time. He is one of the lucky ones that found the right mix of medicines for his case. This is allowing him to be a better advocate for those of us not being heard! Bravo, Ryan!

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