Even Paradise Can Be Besmirched

In my past blogs, I, on occasion, talk about how lovely it is to live in “Paradise.”  South Florida.  Eventually, life, even in the city near which I live, can suffer from man’s malevolent actions.

An article in yesterday’s Sun-Sentinel gave me cause to have an intake of breath.  Not only does the action of a human besmirch my fair patch of earth; it causes harm to animals.

Case in point:

An auction house (which sells ancient Chinese jade, antique furniture and fine porcelain) and its president, have been charged with illegally selling rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks to buyers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and Belgium.  The horns came from the black rhinoceros, a critically endangered African species.  These horns command high prices in Asia for their use in traditional medicine, and were selling for as much as $70,000!!

Black Rhinoceros

Black Rhinoceros

Elephant tusks brought much lower prices:  the auction house sold them for $1,600 and up, to buyers in Belgium, Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to prosecutors.

African Bush Elephant Family

African Bush Elephant Family

To add insult to injury to other buyers, the auction house also sold modern carvings as antiques.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service takes credit for uncovering this illegal activity, due to their excellent undercover agents.

Even though I am aware of this animal killing activity worldwide, it still blows my mind when I read about it again…and again…and again.

That monster, GREED, keeps raising its ugly head.  It is the cause for most of the horrible happenings in the world today.


[Images from bingdotcom]


2 responses to “Even Paradise Can Be Besmirched

  1. On the bright side, people are idiots, and probably won’t learn anything from this.
    Except for how to do it without getting caught.

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    • Guapo, I agree with your comment. But the ongoing activities of poaching the endangered species is one of the worst human activities, IMO, and I guess I will always be angered and frustrated by it. Advocacy and signing petitions is my way of trying to keep it in the forefront.


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