Hurtful Words Said to M.E. Sufferers

words hurt

3 responses to “Hurtful Words Said to M.E. Sufferers

  1. Just this morning, my boss said I looked good and thought I was feeling good, because I was talking to her and laughed. I let her know that I was actually feeling horrible, had already taken more vitamin B and a tramadol and my IBS was acting up. She said that I sure put on a good act – it fooled her. My response? I just am used to not feeling well, so I keep on doing what I have to. Shortly after, I looked in the mirror. Anyone who would really look would see the pain in my eyes, the purplish puffiness under them, the lids barely open. People choose not to see what they do not want to.

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  2. It’s hard to understand the ignorance that this particularly disease brings out in people.

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