Browser Controller Took Control of My Browser

I lost control of my computer when on the Internet last Thursday – one week ago.  I couldn’t believe that I, who writes a “Computer Tips” article for my local newspaper, got “hooked” by a “pop-up.”  Of all things!

Totally Lost Control

Totally Lost Control

My settings included the disabling of pop-ups.  So, how did this happen?  I can’t tell you, because I really don’t know.  All I DO know is:  a pop-up appeared while I was busy on the Internet, and almost absentmindedly, I clicked on the “OK” button.  Moral:  don’t be absentminded while on Internet!

What did the message convey?  My Adobe Flash needed updating.  Unhesitatingly, being glad for the reminder, I clicked on “OK.”

Does Adobe Flash need updating?  Yes, but it happens automatically and quietly, behind the scene.

So, how did I regain control?  I couldn’t, even though I found the adware culprit, “surfkeepit,” and uninstalled it from my Programs and Features on Control Panel.  Ads were popping up all over.  They were jiggling, duplicating, full of bright colors.  It was awful.  It was insidious.  It sent out crawlers in all website cookies and history, etc.  My email access was disabled.  My Mozilla Firefox was disabled.

Finally, I had to admit that solving this problem was beyond my “expertise.”  I gave in and called my “computer guru,” Gary, and asked him to come over and give me back my computer.  I was desperate!

computer repair tech

When did I get my computer back to working again?  Four and a half days later.

Happy Computer Person Again




4 responses to “Browser Controller Took Control of My Browser

  1. Gah! That sucks. If it happens again (and sadly, it usually does), try booting into safe mode w/o networking and do a restore. After the restore, do a full scan.
    I’ve had good luck (way too often) with that process.


    • Thanks, Guapo. Yes, it really sucked. I was thinking of doing a restore, but was not sure of the exact day it started. So glad to see you here. Hope things are going well for you. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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