You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

It’s true – a smile is the best thing anyone can wear.

Kindness Blog

Smile Quote Photo Credit: Pinterest

Growing up, I understood early on that I was not born with the “all-American” good looks that were splashed across fashion magazines and on the big screen and on television.  Instead of long blonde hair and big blue eyes, I possessed short dark brown hair; small dark brown eyes; a prominent nose; and a big smile.  If it had been the movies, I never would have been cast as the leading lady, rather I would have been cast in a supporting role as the funny and loyal gal pal.

Even as an adult, I still see myself in the supportive role, and I continue to come to terms with accepting my physical appearance, flaws and all.  That said, the one thing I always have liked about myself is my smile, which once was flawed, earning me the nickname, “Bucky the Bucktooth Beaver”, from my two older sisters.  Thankfully, two and…

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