Abusive Relationships

Excellent advice from someone who has been there.

Jessie Jeanine

Ladies, if you have to question whether or not you are in an abusive relationship… then you probably are. I’m not just talking about dating relationships either, because sometimes we have friendships that are just as controlling and demeaning. The dynamics are the same between the victim and the abuser – it doesn’t matter if you’re married, same-sex friends, or family.

If you are trapped in an abusive and manipulating cycle with someone, especially one with an overly narcissistic personality, then you need to get out – NOW! You are worth so much more than allowing yourself to be someone else’s scapegoat (I don’t care if they claim to be your BFF or not.) Yes, it may be an emotionally difficult thing to go through, but please remember…

If you survived the abuse,
you can survive the healing too.

Internal Conflicts

Personally, I wear my heart on my sleeve and…

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2 responses to “Abusive Relationships

  1. it is so powerful a thought to remember that one can survive the healing!

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