Destination: Miami, FL – Part 4

While I was having a “war” of sorts with the waffle maker at breakfast, Fern was having a “battle” of sorts over her tests in the hospital.

South miami hospital

She called me around 10:30 to say the first test had to be repeated, which meant an extra 3-hour wait for the results.  I can only imagine her anxiety about what was happening that morning:  the not knowing; the what is going to happen next?

Fern called again around 12:00.  She was still waiting for the results of the first test, a second time around, and didn’t know if there would be time for the other tests (and how long they would take) and when she was going to be discharged.  She was concerned about the fact that we might need to extend our stay at the hotel.  (Reservation was for only the one night we had already spent there.)  Upon check-in, Fern had asked for a later check-out time the next day and it was extended to 2:00.  (Usual check-out time is 12:00 noon).  There was no problem with that.

Our original plan, before traveling to Miami, was:  Fern was going to have her tests, and we would travel home that same afternoon.  The best-laid plans, right?

So, at noon, Fern was still waiting for the results of her first test (second time around), and had 2 more tests lined up.  I decided to wait until 2:00 to ask for an extension for another day.

I had plenty of time for lunch before asking for an extension of our stay.  In the mean time, I had asked at the desk for directions to the hospital.  Carlos wrote them down for me and handed me his card in case I needed to contact him.  (As it turned out later, I was glad I had his card.)

My plan was to go the Dadeland Mall,

dade mall

order a take-out lunch at Cheesecake Factory, and come back to the hotel, and enjoy it while watching TV in the dining room.  Good plan, right?

cheese fact

Everything went well at the Cheesecake Factory.  Their Chinese Chicken Salad is a favorite of mine.

chinese chix

I got back in the car, and back-tracked my route; only, I lost the route in the maze of the parking lot around the stores, after going around J C Penney.  I made a wrong turn somewhere.  Found myself in front of Macy’s.


The card Carlos gave me came in very handy.  I told him where I was, and he guided me back to the hotel.

Dadeland Mall is a crazy maze.

Dadeland Mall is a crazy maze.

I don’t like to be lost.  I don’t like to not know where I’m going.  (If you read my first post, Destination:  Miami, FL – Part 1, you will have a perfect example of what not knowing where I’m going will do to my psyche.)

Only half of my salad was consumed (it’s a huge salad), and I saved the rest for Fern, thinking she will probably be so hungry when her tests are finished.

I decided the best thing for me was to take advantage of the shuttle service and be driven to the hospital.


While waiting for the shuttle van (it took a half hour to arrive), I extended the hotel stay for another night.  I also had to call my pet sitter to increase the visits to take care of my cats for another 24 hours.

Finally, I was at Fern’s bedside.  By that time, she had already had her second test, and she was going to be discharged:  there was no time to do the third test.  This meant another trip to Miami.  We were almost jumping for joy!  Not really.


[images from bingdotcom of:  Dadeland Mall; Dadeland Macy’s; Dadeland Cheesecake Factory; and South Miami Hospital]







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