Destination: Miami, FL – Part 1

Many of my followers are aware that my daughter, Fern, is suffering from the chronic illness known as M.E. – myalgic encephalomyelitis.  This week, she had an appointment for Wednesday, at the South Miami Hospital, affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida, for some testing ordered by her new cardiologist, based in Coral Gables, FL, which is part of the Greater Miami area.  We had a one-night reservation for Tuesday night at the Hampton Inn Dadeland,

Hampton Inn Dadeland

which, as its name indicates, is less than a mile from the fabulous Dadeland Mall,

Dadeland Mall

and is a short drive to the hospital.  We figured we’d stay the one night; Fern would have her tests, and we’d leave on Wednesday afternoon to return home.

The drive down along I-95 and then onto US 1 was actually uneventful; that is, if you didn’t put into the mix that I was feeling nervous and not without trepidations about the trip due to not being sure exactly how to get to the hotel, it was uneventful.  I tried keeping my sense of humor (Fern could argue about that), and she finally secured some info from her phone’s GPS the driver (me) needed as to where to turn left or right and which streets were involved.   Just in the nick of time, because the driver was getting a little hot under the collar and anxious and it’s not a good idea to have the driver maneuvering in heavy traffic on US 1 in such a state of almost panic.  I had visions of driving around the Miami area on an ill-fated mission and never finding the hotel, especially after having stopped for a red light at the intersection where the cardiologist was located, and my saying, “We could stop in and say hello to Dr. D.”  I don’t think Fern appreciated that remark.  If I were sitting in her seat, I wouldn’t have.  It was a telling remark:  Mom was getting a little upset.  I know daughter got the instructions from mapquest, but they happened to have been accidentally put into the trunk with our belongings – quite out of reach at the moment.  And the atmosphere in the car at the moment was getting thick.  We both were feeling it.

We still weren’t positive about how to get to the hotel; it seemed there was more than one way to get there.  A call to get more precise directions was a little helpful after getting no answer, then a message that no one was available.  Panic mode was instituted.  Here I am, still driving along US 1, and still not sure where I was going.  The info received, after finally speaking to someone, was a little misleading.  We were taken in a kind of round about way, turning left off US 1, but then crossing it at another point, and finally getting to the hotel; but not before traveling on a crazy, crooked street, and not before almost passing the hotel which was hidden from the road.  It was easy to  pass the entrance.  It is not easy to describe the feeling of accomplishment and RELIEF of finally reaching our destination:  the most out of the way hotel I’ve ever traveled to.


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2 responses to “Destination: Miami, FL – Part 1

  1. Thank goodness you made it 🙂
    We’ll also be using navigation from the Ft Lauderdale airport following a red eye flight from Denver. I hope I find the place as well.


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