“I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem Lovely As A Tree. . .”

This is the station where I would get off the train to go to the museum.

This is the station where I would get off the train to go to the museum.

When I was a young girl,  growing up in Brooklyn NY, I rode the Utica Avenue trolley car (and later, on the bus when trolleys no longer ran) up to Eastern Parkway.  That’s where I went down into the subway station where the IRT (Interboro Rapid Transit) line ran.  I took it to the Brooklyn Museum, where, every Saturday morning, I took art lessons.

I remember the art teacher always urged the class to “feel” the subjects we were observing, and just let the lines flow.

One time, we were in the rotunda, overlooking a round stage below us.  Dancers were performing; they wore flowing skirts and their movements were very fluid.  We were experimenting with “conte” crayon.  A light brown square crayon that looked almost like charcoal or pastels, but was more dense (not as fragile) and was a little oily.  That’s how I remember it.  And it was easy to use – it “flowed” on the heavyweight art pages.

brooklyn botanical garden sign

Another time, in the Spring, when the weather was balmy and sunny, the class was taken to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens – next door to the museum.  We were introduced to the Japanese Gardens.  And I was introduced to my favorite of all places.  It was so peaceful, and I breathed it all in.  The beauty!  A new world appeared before me.  Bushes, bridges over water, still ponds, lily pads, colors.

brooklyn botanical garden 1brooklyn botanical garden 2brooklyn botanical garden 3brooklyn botanical garden 5

It was difficult to take it all in.  In my young age, I had not experienced anything like that on which my eyes feasted.  And the best of all:  the trees.

brooklyn botanical garden 8brooklyn botanical garden 10

After I no longer went to the museum for art classes, I still would take the IRT to the Eastern Parkway station and, with my pastels and art pad, I would meander through the gardens and put colors to paper and draw my heart out!


[images from bingdotcom]

12 responses to ““I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem Lovely As A Tree. . .”

  1. I didn’t know you took art classes. I enjoyed this blog immensely with the beautiful photos and memories of a young girl taking In beauty.


  2. I wish you still had some of those drawings – I would love to see them! The Japanese Gardens are beautiful – I remember going to them on several class trips. They were always the most enchanted place to visit. An extra bonus was the discovery of tadpoles in the pond!


  3. Such great beauty~


    • Yes. Those living in Brooklyn NY have this gorgeous peaceful haven to enter as they wish!


      • I loved all my my trips there when we were still in Connecticut~
        I used to make this poor CT Yankee take me to Brooklyn to get a White Castle.
        It was 110 miles each way.
        He had no idea!!
        We did not have them in Ca. and I grew up with them in Indiana.
        The people there were so nice each time.


        • Wow! That is a long trip for a White Castle burger – er – burgers. You couldn’t eat just one. Ha. My first husband loved those square one or two bite burgers. The onions are what made them so tasty. I never met a fan of White Castle before. Welcome to that special group!


        • I grew up in Indy with an Uncle who brought bags of them every time he came to our house.
          I never had a chance!!
          My Yankee does not get it, but will eat them when I do, which is now very seldom.


        • I also loved White Castle burgers (and also those messy cheese fries!) Would go to one in Queens when I lived in Manhattan. There was also one on Hempstead Turnpike on Long Island I would frequent. Oh boy – could use one or two right now!


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