Terminology and Meanings in ME

This blog post on WellMe||Wellington Region ME/CFS Support Group Inc examines and explains the different facets of M.E. in easy-to-understand terms for those suffering from this debilitating chronic disease as well as those healthy individuals and the medical community who have questions. It is the most enlightening article I’ve seen to date on this topic.

WellMe || Wellington Region ME/CFS Support Group Inc

Terminology and Meanings in ME

Terminology used in the [ability] scales [but which is very useful to anyone new to ME or to anyone trying to *explain* ME to others]

Resting: Resting means completely different things at different severity levels of illness. For the mildly ill, resting may be watching TV or sitting in a chair while reading a book or having a quiet visit with friends. For the severely ill, these activities are not at all restful and indeed would provoke severe relapses.

For the very severely ill, resting means lying down in a dark room in silence and with no sensory input at all (TV, radio or light) with zero physical movement or cognitive activity. Clothing must also be comfortable and the room must have a very moderate temperature; not too hot or too cold. When referring to resting, a better term for the very…

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