Keeping Company On My Desk

This is my latest post on my other blog where I post stories (and photos, of course) about my three cats. They are very special to me, and I hope you will find them so, too!

Pussy Cats 3

Aha!  I got the picture(s) I was looking for.

Rusty keeps me company so much of the time, when I’m at my desk, working on the computer.  Every time he struck one of many amazing (to me) poses, I would wish I had my camera in my hand.

So, this time, I had my plan all worked out.  Camera in one hand; the other stroking Rusty all around his face, neck, chin – wherever it felt good to him.  Actually it didn’t matter.  Wherever I stroked was very good and got the desired effect:  purring; chin jutting out for more; head moving this way or that, to get it even better.  You get the idea.

It took several takes until I felt I was on the right track.  I have found that, over the course of years of photo-taking, Rusty turns away from the sound and flash.  I try to…

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