Remember Bea Arthur of the “Golden Girls” TV Show?

She was out dining in a lovely restaurant with her friends, when she noticed someone across the room who looked familiar.  She went over to the table where he was sitting.  He was the doctor she had visited at one time, when she was feeling very sick.

I was clapping my hands as she told him off in 2 and a half minutes:



8 responses to “Remember Bea Arthur of the “Golden Girls” TV Show?

  1. butterflyny75

    I remember this episode! That a diplomatic way to handle that man!


  2. Reblogged this on kraftycatcreations and commented:
    This is the only reference to CFS in a popular tv show I am aware of. And it is so much fun to watch! Unfortunately, how this doctor treated Bea Arthur’s character Dorothy is a true depiction of how a majority of physicians treat patients with ME/CFS.


  3. currankentucky

    So true to life unfortunately! I think there was a mention of both CFS and FM on the very first episode of House. Thankfully my doctor is caring and true to her profession!


    • I’m so glad your doctor is treating you so well! It is difficult, so say the least, to find a doctor who will try to understand, and not dismiss the person who is truly suffering. 🙂


  4. That was one of my favorite moments of the Golden Girls. Dorothy’s “you dismissed me!” monologue and the doctor’s wife telling him to shut his pie hole were wonderful moments.


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