“Choose Kindness Over Judgement” by Dawn Helms

Kindness is as kindness does. It’s a good idea to not jump to judgment until we know all the facts. Let’s just be kind to our fellow human beings.

Kindness Blog

Choose Kindness Over Judgement

by Dawn Helms

Choose Kindness Over Judgement

We have all been there at one time or another: Sitting in a restaurant trying to have a nice dinner with your family, and sitting at the table next to you is a couple with two children. One of them is around two years old, and the other clearly around ten or eleven years old. You hear fussing and fumbling from their table that is getting progressively louder, and the disruption is coming from the older child. It is beginning to become annoying and you are uncomfortable watching this meltdown. You ask yourself, “Why are the parents not just leaving?”, or, “Why are they letting that child get away with that! I would never do that.” You scoff, judge and try to hurry through your dinner as quick as you can so that you can leave and not have to watch another minute…

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