Neighborhood Spotlight: Outer Richmond Neighborhood Clean-Up

Thanks for this blog. It is another reminder how neighbors can get together to make a difference in their areas.

Nextdoor Blog

Photo courtesy of Steve LouiePhoto courtesy of Steve Louie

To celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month, we’re asking people to share with their neighbors to help reduce waste and live a more mindful lifestyle, whether it’s through hosting a neighborhood-wide garage sale, coordinating a neighborhood clean-up, or planning a potluck dinner.

Outer Richmond Southeast, a neighborhood in San Francisco, exemplifies this mindful lifestyle. Together, neighbors recently used Nextdoor to arrange a neighborhood-wide clean-up. Thanks to Nextdoor, the event grew from a handful of neighbors to dozens.

“The clean-up was a big success. About 35 people participated, and everyone felt very satisfied when it was over,” says Jean Barish, Lead of Outer Richmond Southeast. “It brought neighbors together to work for a common good to benefit the community. Nextdoor was a great way to reach many neighbors quickly – it also enabled us to chat with each other to share ideas and resources.”


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