Crowdwish does it again! An amazing site run by amazing people.

The crowdwish website is very special. It helps people who really need help.


Crowdwish 95 Actioned.

Today’s Crowdwish was ‘I wish that my friend would not have to face losing her home after the death of her husband’.

We completely appreciate that there are many, many people in the world faced with appalling sets of circumstances, and many incredible charities doing fantastic work to alleviate as far as possible the difficulties those people face.

So to be clear, we are not attempting to subjectively decide this is a more deserving case than any other; but it is one that has come to the top of the list on Crowdwish and so we are compelled to help, and happy to do so.

Whilst preserving the anonymity of the individual concerned, here’s the reality of their very difficult and delicate situation.

A woman is recovering from an abusive history; so abusive that she is suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For years she cares for…

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