WordPress Perusing

Every so often, I like to peruse the different features that are available to me on WordPress.  I decided to do this yesterday because I realized I wasn’t receiving emails for postings by many of the bloggers I follow.

Inbox wasn't as full as I thought it should be.

Inbox wasn’t as full as I thought it should be.

At first, I thought these bloggers were not posting.  That was strange, because I really liked their postings, and when I decided to follow them originally, I expected they would be posting quite a bit.

Do follow blog

I decided to take a look at “Blogs I Follow.”  Well, of course!  That’s why I wasn’t getting emails about their postings.  I had to edit those bloggers on my list, and manually allow their postings to appear in my email inbox!  Duh!

Today, when I peeked into my inbox, I found many more emails from those “missing” bloggers.

3 responses to “WordPress Perusing

  1. When I follow someone, I look for the “follow by email” button.
    If it’s not there, I click the Follow on the top black bar, then go to reader > blogs I Follow > Edit and turn on the email notifications.
    Mostly because I don’t like the reader.


  2. Yes, Guapo, I understand what you’re saying. I have gotten into the habit now, of using my Dashboard more than I used to. I find just about everything I need to know. I don’t use the Reader much. Once in a while, I will, out of curiosity, go into it, just to see what’s out there. Occasionally, I’ll “follow” someone’s blog. I’m glad you found my blog interesting enough to make a comment. Thanks.


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