The IOMperor Has No Clothes: IOM Admits Lack of Expertise

Important update re IOM (Institute of Medicine’s lack of expertise admission.

Thoughts About M.E.

Apparently, Kenneth Shine, former president of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and chair of the IOM committee that was tasked by the VA with the development of a case definition for Gulf War Illness, had a gut feeling about the outcome of the study.  Shine stated last year that he “could not recall when the IOM was last charged with defining a disease.” Guess what:  The IOM hadn’t developed a case definition then and–even though the report was released today–it still hasn’t! Wait! What? Well, at the price tag of $850,000, the IOM was “unable to develop a new consensus definition of CMI given the lack of uniform symptoms, the variety of symptoms, and the long onset and duration,” according to the  report. That’s a big taxpayer “oops,” wouldn’t you say?

The VA [had] asked IOM to develop a case definition for CMI as…

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3 responses to “The IOMperor Has No Clothes: IOM Admits Lack of Expertise

  1. Wow, that’s appalling! I wonder what the fallout will be from that, and if there will be any useful procedural changes in how contracts are awarded for that kind of work.


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